King Harold II Godwinson 1022 – 1066

Family tree for King Harold II known as Godwinson who was defeated at the Battle of Hastings showing: parents siblings partner children   Godwin Earl of Wessex 1001 – 1053Gytha Thorkelsdottir 997 – c1067 Sweyn of Herefordshire 1020 – 1052 Edith of Wessex 1025 – 1075 Tostig of Northumbria 1026 – 1066 Gyrth of East … Read more

King Edward the Elder 874 – 924

Family tree for King Edward the Elder son of Alfred the Great showing: parents siblings partners  children  King Alfred the Great 849 – 899Queen Ealhswith 852 – 902 Aethelflaed of Mercia 870-918 Aethelgifu d. c 896 Aethelweard d.920 Aelfthryth of Flanders 877 – 929 1.Ecgwynn of Mercia 877 – 899KING EDWARD THE ELDER 874 – … Read more

Ealdgyth of Northumbria fl 1040

  Ealdgyth was the daughter of Uhtred the Bold and his third wife Aelfgifu. The dates of her birth and death are not known. She married Maldred of Allerdale, brother of King Duncan I of Scotland. Family tree for Ealdgyth showing: parents siblings partner  children  Uhtred of Northumbria d. 1016Aelfgifu of Northumbria 997 – 1042 … Read more

Ecgfrida of Durham fl 1010

  Ecgfrida was the daughter of Ealdhun, Bishop of Durham. Her dates of birth and death are not known. She was the first wife of Uhtred of Northumbria known as Uhtred the Bold. After Uhtred put her aside she married a Dane named Kilvert.  Family tree for Ecgfrida, showing: parents partner  children  Ealdhun Bishop of … Read more

Aelfflaed of Bernicia fl 1050

Aelflfaed was the daughter of Ealdred of Bamburgh. Her dates of birth and death are not known. She married Siward of Northumbria and they had two sons, Osbeorn and Waltheof. Family tree for Aelfflaed showing: parents partner children  Ealdred of Bernicia dates unknownMother details unknown Ealdgyth details unknown AELFFLAED OF BERNICIA dates unknownSiward of Northumbria … Read more