Edith of Wessex Family Tree (1025-1075)


Edith of Wessex Family Tree


 Edith of Wessex Family Tree showing:


Short Biography

Edith of Wessex was born in 1025, the daughter of Earl Godwin of Wessex and Gytha Thorkelsdottir. Earl Godwin rose in status during the reign of King Canute. When Edward the Confessor became King in 1042 he offered his support. Edith married King Edward in 1045 but the marriage was childless.

When Edward died in January 1066 her brother Harold became King. However, his reign was short-lived. Harald Hardrada, supported by Edith and Harold’s exiled brother Tostig invaded in September 1066. They were defeated and both killed at the Battle of Stamford Bridge. The following month, Edith’s brothers Harold, Gyrth and Leofwine were all killed at the Battle of Hastings. 

Edith was the only surviving member of the Godwin family to remain in England following the Norman Conquest. She died at Winchester on 18th December 1075.


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