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Godwin Earl of Wessex Family Tree


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Short Biography

Godwin Earl of Wessex, was born in 1001, the son of Wulfnoth Cild, a thegn of Sussex. The identity of his mother is not known.  and died 15th April 1053. He was the son of Wulfnoth Cild, a thegn of Sussex, who came into conflict with King Aethelred the Unready. Wulfnoth Cild stole 20 of King Aethelred’s newly built ships and used them to raid the Sussex coast. He may have had land confiscated as a punishment. 

King Canute took the English throne in 1016 and ruled until 1035. Godwin gave his full support to Canute and was created Earl of Wessex for his service. Godwin married Gytha, the sister of Canute’s brother-in-law and they had eleven children. By the time of Canute’s death in 1035, Earl Godwin had become the most powerful noble in the land. 

Godwin initially supported Canute’s son, Harthacnut but when he was unable to return to England Godwin gave his support to Harold Harefoot, son of Canute by his first wife. It is said that when Aethelred the Unready’s son, Alfred landed in England in 1037, Godwin was responsible for greeting and then blinding him. Alfred may have been trying to find support for his brother, Edward to take the throne. He died of his injuries.

In 1042, Aethelred’s son, Edward, known as the Confessor, was invited to become King. Godwin now gave his full support to Edward and stated that he was instructed to blind Edward’s brother on the instructions of Harold Harefoot. In 1045 King Edward married Godwin’s daughter, Edith but the couple did not have children.  

Earl Godwin died in 1053 and was succeeded as Earl of Wessex by his son Harold. Harold succeeded King Edward in 1066.


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