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Alfred Aetheling Family Tree


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Short Biography

Alfred Aetheling was born in 1005, the second son of King Aethelred the Unready by his second wife, Emma of Normandy. The family fled to Normandy in December 1013 after Sweyn Forkbeard seized the English throne.  After the death of Forkbeard in February 1014, the Witan refused to accept Forkbeard’s son, Canute, as King and asked Aethelred to return as King.

Aethelred the Unready died on 23rd April 1016 and his eldest son by his first wife, Edmund Ironside, became King. When he died later that year, Canute seized the throne. Alfred, his brother Edward and sister Godgifu were sent to Normandy where they were card for by Emma of Normandy’s family. Emma remained in England and married Canute. They had a son, Harthacnut.

Canute died on 12th November 1035 and the throne passed to Harthacnut. However, he was unable to leave Denmark and Harold Harefoot, Canute’s son by his first wife made a successful play for the throne assisted by Earl Godwin.

In late 1036, Alfred and his brother Edward, planned to invade England and remove Harold Harefoot from the throne. They sailed across the Channel, each with a retinue of men. Edward landed near Southampton while Alfred landed in Dover. Alfred was met by Earl Godwin who escorted him and his men to Guildford. Sometime later, Alfred was seized and taken to the Isle of Ely where he was blinded. It is unclear whether Earl Godwin was acting independently or on the orders of Harold Harefoot.

Alfred died of his injuries on 5th February 1037. 


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