Aelfthryth Family Tree (Wife of King Edgar c945-1000)


Aelfthryth Family Tree


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Short Biography

Aelfthryth was the daughter of Ealdorman Ordgar of Devon. She is thought to have been born around 945. She became the second wife of King Edgar around 965 and they had two children, Edmund and Aethelred. Edmund died in 972 and King Edgar in 975.

At the time of the death of King Edgar, his son by his first marriage, Edward, was 13 years old while Aethelred was 9 years old. Although Aelfthryth championed the succession of her son Aethelred, it was Edward that was chosen to succeed to the throne. 

On 18th March 978 King Edward decided to pay his stepmother and half-brother a visit at Corfe Castle. When he arrived he was dragged from his horse and killed. Many people blamed Aelfthryth for the murder, and historical evidence does indicate that it was her servants that carried out the deed. 

Following the death of Edward, known postumously as Edward the Martyr, Aelfthryth’s son Aethelred became King. She supported her son until he reached his majority and married around 983.

Aelfthryth died on 17th November 1000.


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