King Harthacnut Family Tree (1018-1042)

King Harthacnut Family Tree


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Short Biography

Early Years

King Harthacnut was born in 1018 the son of King Canute the Great by his second wife, Emma of Normandy.

Soon after Harthacnut’s birth his father inherited the throne of Denmark. In 1028 he also gained the throne of Norway. The same year, Harthacnut was proclaimed co-King of Denmark and was sent to Denmark to take up the position with his uncle, Earl Ulf as regent.

In 1035, King Canute died. Harthacnut was nominated to succeed to the English throne, but he was in Denmark and unable to travel to England due to unrest in Denmark.

Harthacnut’s half-brother, Harold Harefoot, made a challenge for the English throne. The Witan were not prepared to give him the throne but instead made him co-regent with Emma of Normandy. In 1037 when Harthacnut had still not returned to England the Witan agreed that Harold should be king. He took the throne as King Harold I.

King of England

King Harold I died on 17th March 1040. As soon as he heard the news, Harthacnut sailed to England with an armed escort to reclaim the throne. As King of England, Harthacnut soon made himself unpopular by imposing a tax on the English people to pay off his Danish army. The same year he ordered the murder of Earl Eadwulf of Bernicia despite offering the Earl safe passage, which further diminished his popularity.

In 1041, Harthacnut summoned his half-brother, Edward, known as Confessor, to return to England from Normandy. When he arrived he was named heir to the throne. King Harthacnut died on 8th June 1042 and Edward succeeded as king without incident.


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