King Egbert of Wessex 770 – 839

King Egbert of Wessex

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Short Biography

King Egbert was born around 770 and died in February 839. He was the son of Ealmund of Kent; his mother’s identity is not known. He married Redburga, alleged to be the daughter of King Charlemagne of France. In 825 he defeated Beornwulf of Mercia at the battle of Ellandon to become the most dominant ruler in England. His son, Aethelwulf was given the positio of Subregulus of Kent, Essex, Sussex and Surrey. In 829 Egbert defeated and took control of Northumbria following the Battle of the River Dore. He was the first king to claim overlordship of all England. In 836 Egbert was defeated by a group of Vikings in North Devon, but two years later he scored a victory over the Viking invaders at the Battle of Hingston Down. When Aethelwulf died in February 839 he was succeeded by his son, Aethelwulf. 


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