King Aethelbald Family Tree & Biography (834-860)


King Aethelbald was a member of the House of Wessex. He was the second eldest son of King Aethelwulf and succeeded his father as King in 858. He did not have any children and was succeeded by his brother Aethelberht. 


King Aethelbald Family Tree Image showing:

grandparents, parents, siblings and wife

King Aethelbald Family Tree


King Aethelbald Family Tree in Table Form showing:

grandparents, parents, siblings and wife


Paternal Grandfather – King Egbert – (770 – 839)


Father – King Aethelwulf – (795 – 858)

Mother Osburh of Wessex – (d. c854)


King Aethelstan of Kent – (d. 852)

Aethelswith – (838 – 888)

King Aethelberht – (836 – 865)

King Aethelred – (847 – 871)

King Alfred the Great – (849 – 899)


 Judith of Flanders – (c843 – 870) – his father’s widow


King Aethelbald had no children.


King Aethelbald Short Biography

King Aethelbald Family Tree

Early Years

King Aethelbald of Wessex was born around 834 to King Aethelwulf and his wife Osburh. He was the couple’s second son and elder brother to Alfred the Great.

Aethelbald’s father, Aethelwulf became King of Wessex following the death of King Egbert in 839. The following year the Vikings began raiding the south coast.

Regent and King of Wessex

In 852, Aethelbald’s eldest brother, Aethelstan, died. Two years later Aethelbald’s mother died and his father decided to go on a pilgrimage to Rome. During his absence, Aethelbald acted as Regent of Wessex.

In 856 King Aethelwulf returned with a new wife, Judith of Flanders, daughter of Charles II, King of the Franks. It is unclear whether Aethelwulf took back full rule of Wessex or if he shared it with Aethelbald.

When Aethelwulf died in 858, Aethelbald became King of Wessex. He then shocked the Churchmen and Ealdorman by marrying his stepmother, Judith.

Aethelbald died on 20th December 860 at Sherbourne and was succeeded by his younger brother Aethelberht.


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