Judith of Flanders Family Tree & Biography (843-870)


Judith of Flanders was a member of the House of Wessex, the House of Flanders and the Carolingian Dynasty of France. She was  born around 843, the daughter of King Charles the Bald of West Francia and Ermentrude of Orleans. She became the wife of Kings Aethelwulf and Aethelbald of Wessex and the wife of Baldwin of Flanders. She was also the mother of Baldwin II of Flanders.


Judith of Flanders Family Tree Image showing:

grandparents, parents, husbands, children and grandchildren

Judith of Flanders Family Tree

Judith of Flanders Family Tree in Table Form showing:

grandparents, parents, husbands, children and grandchildren



Paternal Grandfather – Louis I of the Franks – (778 – 840)

Paternal Grandmother – Judith of Bavaria – (797 – 843)

Maternal Grandfather – Odo I of Orleans – (c790 – 834)

Maternal Grandmother – Engletrude de Fézensac – (c799 – 853)


Father – Charles the Bald of W. Francia – (823 – 877)

MotherErmentrude of Orleans – (823 – 869)


Louis II (the Stamerer) – (846 – 879)

Carloman – (848 – 877)

Charles – (d. 866)

Lothar – (858 – 865)


Rothilde – (871 – 928)


1 – King Aethelwulf of Wessex – (795 – 858)

2 – King Aethelbald of Wessex – (c834 – 860)

3 – Baldwin I of Flanders – (c830 – 879)


by Baldwin of Flanders

Charles – (864 – 865)

Baldwin II of Flanders – (865 – 918)

Ralph – (867 – 896)


by Baldwin II of Flanders

Arnulf I of Flanders – (c893 – 964)

Adelolf of Boulogne – (d. 933)

Ealswid – (dates not known)

Ermentrud – (dates not known)


Judith of Flanders Short Biography

Judith of Flanders

Judith of Flanders was born around 843 the daughter of King Charles the Bald of west Francia and Ermentrude of Orleans. She was named after her grandmother, Judith of Bavaria. Her brother became King Louis II of Francia. 

In 855, King Aethelwulf of Wessex and his youngest son Alfred, stayed with the family on their way to Rome. On their return journey in 856 Aethelwulf married 13 year old Judith and took her back to Wessex. There were no children from this marriage, which may not have been consummated due to Judith’s young age.

King Aethelwulf died in 858 and he was succeeded by his son, Aethelbald. Aethelbald shocked the court of Wessex by marrying Judith, his father’s widow. Aethelbald died in 860. He and Judith had no children so the crown passed to his brother, Aethelberht.

Seventeen year old Judith sold her English property and returned to her family. Contemporary sources state that her father sent her to the monastery at Senlis. While there she came into contact with a forester named Baldwin who fell in love with her. Judith either escaped and fled with Baldwin or was kidnapped by him. At some point the two married.

Judith’s father, Charles, was furious and ordered that she be caught and returned to the monastery, however, she and Baldwin made their way to Rome where they pleaded their case before the Pope. The Pope sent an envoy to Charles to persuade him to accept his daughter’s marriage as legal and binding.

Charles eventually agreed and the pair were officially married at Auxerre. Baldwin was given the county of Flanders and the title Margrave. The couple are known to have had three sons – Charles, Baldwin and Ralph – and may have had daughters as well. 

It is believed that Judith of Flanders died around 870. 


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