King Eadred 923 – 955

 King Eadred

Family tree for King Eadred, son of King Edward the Elder showing:

Short Biography

Eadred was born in 923 (exact date not known) and died on 23rd November 955. He was the second son of King Edward the Elder by his third wife, Eadgifu of Kent. His father died in 924 when he was a baby and his half-brother Aethelstan became King.

Edmund was murdered in 946 and Eadred was selected as King because Edmund’s sons were considered too young to take the throne. Eadred was crowned King of England on 16th August 946 at Kingston upon Thames by the Archbishop of Canterbury.

In 947 the Viking Eric Bloodaxe took control of Northumbria. Eadred immediately mounted a campaign to regain control of the kingdom. Eadred supported the rule of Olaf Sihtricson but was challenged by Archbishop Wulfstan of York who supported Eric Bloodaxe. In 952 Eadred managed to capture and imprison the Archbishop. Eric Bloodaxe was then expelled from Northumbria.

Eadred did not marry or have children. When he died in 955 he was succeeded by his nephew Eadwig.


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