Queen Ealhswith of Wessex Family Tree (d.902)

Ealhswith of Wessex Family Tree


Ealhswith of Wessex Family Tree showing:


Short Biography

Ealhswith of Wessex was born around 852 to Aethelred Mucel, Ealdorman of Mercia and his wife Eadburh. There are no recorded details of her early life but in 868 she married the younger brother of King Aethelred I, Alfred. They had five children.

In 871 King Aethelred died. Alfred took the throne because Aethelred’s two sons were considered too young to rule, particularly in the face of continuous attacks by the Vikings.

Eager to maintain peace, Alfred made a deal with the Viking leader Guthrum. However, Guthrum broke the deal and attacked Wessex. Alfred lost the support of the Witan and fled to the Somerset marshes at Athelney.

Having regrouped and refocused, Alfred successfully defeated the Vikings in May 878 and banished them to the north.

Alfred died in 899 and was succeeded by the couple’s eldest son, Edward.

Around 900 Ealhswith founded St Mary’s Abbey in Winchester. She died on 5th December 902 and is buried in New Minster, Winchester


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