Eadgifu of Wessex Family Tree (902-955)

Eadgifu of Wessex Family Tree

 Eadgifu of Wessex Family Tree showing:



Short Biography

Eadgifu of Wessex was the daughter of King Edward the Elder by his second wife Aelfflaed of Mercia. It is thought she was born around 902. Around 916 she married Charles III of France and they had one son, Louis. 

In 923, Charles III was deposed and taken prisoner. Eadgifu fled to England with her son and they remained under the protection of King Aethelstan until Louis returned to France in 936 to take the throne.

Eadgifu then entered a convent, but in 951 she was abducted by Herbert of Omois who then married her. She died around 955.


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