Eadgifu of Kent Family Tree & Biography (c905-968)


Eadgifu of Kent was a member of the House of Wessex through marriage. She was the daughter of Sigehelm of Kent and became the third wife of King Edward the Elder.

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father, husband, children and grandchildren

Eadgifu of Kent Family Tree


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grandparents, parents, siblings, husband, children and grandchildren



Not known


Father – Sigehelm of Kent – (d. 902)

Mother – Not known


Not known


King Edward the Elder – (874-924)


King Edmund I – (921 – 946)

King Eadred – (923 – 955)

Eadburh – (921/924 – 951/953)


by King Edmund I

King Eadwig – (941 – 959)

King Edgar – (943 – 975)


Eadgifu of Kent Short Biography

Eadgifu of Kent Family Tree

Eadgifu was born around 905, the daughter of Sigehelm of Kent. She became the third wife of  King Edward the Elder around 919.  They had three children two of whom became Kings of England. Their daughter, Eadburh became a nun.

Edward died in July 924 and was succeeded by his eldest son from his first marriage, Aethelstan. During Aethelstan’s reign, Eadgifu disappears from the records, but during the reigns of her two sons, Edmund and Eadred her signature appears on charters suggesting she returned to court and played a prominent role. 

Both of Eadgifu’s sons died young. Edmund was 25 when he was assassinated by a man named Leofa and his children were considered too young to rule so his brother, Eadred, became king. Eadred suffered with a digestive problem and died at the age of 32.

After the death of Eadred in 955, Eadgifu’s grandson, Eadwig took the throne and when he died in 959 his brother Edgar became King. Eadgifu played a prominent role in the rules of both her grandsons and appears as a signatory on many charters.

Eadgifu died in 968. 


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