Lady Katherine Grey 1540 – 1568

Lady Katherine Grey

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Lady Katherine Grey was born 25th August 1540 and died 26th January 1568. She was the daughter of Frances Brandon and Henry Grey. Her mother, Frances, was the daughter of Henry VIII‘s younger sister Mary Tudor.  In 1553 she was married to Henry Herbert, son of the Duke of Pembroke. Her elder sister, Jane, married Guildford Dudley in the same ceremony. After the death of King Edward VI, her sister, Jane became Queen of England for nine days, during a plot to exclude Catholic Mary I from the succession. When Mary I was proclaimed Queen on 19th July, Katherine was returned to her parents and her marriage annulled. 

Katherine’s sister, Jane and her father were executed in February 1554 after the failure of Thomas Wyatt’s rebellion. In 1560, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, Katherine secretly married Edward Seymour, Earl of Hertford, son of the disgraced Duke of Somerset. When Elizabeth found out about the marriage she was furious and sent Katherine and Edward to the Tower of London. Katherine had two sons while incarcerated. 

In 1562 the Queen ordered her marriage annulled. Katherine was separated from her elder son and held under house arrest in a number of locations. She died of tuberculosis in 1568.


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