Mary Tudor Queen of France 1496 – 1533

Mary Tudor Queen of France

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Short Biography

Mary was born 18th March 1496 and died 25 June 1533. She was the daughter of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York and was noted for her beauty and fun-loving ways. In 1514 her brother King Henry VIII arranged for her to marry the elderly King Louis XII of France, she was not happy about the marriage but made Henry promise that she could marry a man of her choice when he died.

King Louis died just three months after their marriage. Mary wanted to marry Charles Brandon and they decided to marry without the permission of her brother. Henry was furious when he discovered the secret marriage. The couple were eventually forgiven but had to pay a sizeable fine to the Crown. Mary spent less time at court after her brother began pursuing Anne Boleyn, she did not agree with the way he treated Catherine of Aragon.  Mary died at the age of 37 years after a prolonged illness.


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