Aethelflaed of Damerham c920 – c975

Family tree for Aethelflaed of Damerham, second wife of King Edmund I showing: parents partners Aelfgar of Essex dates unknownMother not known 1. King Edmund I 921 – 946AETHELFLAED OF DAMERHAM c920 – c9752. Aethelstan details unknown Short Biography Aethelflaed was born around 920 and died around 975, the daughter of Ealdorman Aelfgar of Essex. … Read more

Frances Brandon 1517 – 1559

 Family tree for Frances Brandon showing: parents siblings partner children Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk 1484 – 1545Mary Tudor French Queen 1496 – 1533 Henry Brandon 1516 – 1522 Eleanor Brandon 1519 – 1547 Henry Brandon 1523 – 1534 1. Henry Grey 1517 – 1554FRANCES BRANDON 1517 – 15592. Adrian Stokes 1519 – 1586 1. … Read more

Marjorey de Washington fl 1185

Marjorey was the daughter of Margaret of Huntingdon and William FitzPartick Hertburn. Her dates of birth and death are not known. She married firstly David de Lindsay and secondly Sir Malcolm FitzWaldeve. It is not known if she had children with either husband.   Family tree for Marjorey showing: parents siblings partner William FitzPatrick Hertburn 1138 … Read more

Matilda de Bohun d c1184

Matilda was  was the daughter of Humphrey III de Bohun and Margaret of Huntingdon  Her date of birth is not known but she is believed to have died around 1184. There are no other details about her life.   Family tree for Matilda showing: parents siblings Margaret of Huntingdon 1145 – 1201Humphrey III de Bohun 1144 … Read more

Constance of Brittany c1161 – 1201

Constance was born around 1161 and died 5th September 1201. She was the daughter of Conan IV of Brittany and Margaret of Huntingdon. She married firstly Geoffrey, son of King Henry II and they had 3 children. Constance married twice more and had two more children. It is thought that she may have died following … Read more