Margaret Beaufort Family Tree 1443-1509

Margaret Beaufort Family Tree

 Margaret Beaufort Family Tree showing:


Short Biography

Margaret was born 31st May 1443 and died 29th June 1509. She was the only child of Margaret Beauchamp and John Beaufort. After her father died she inherited his lands and money. She was married to John de la Pole while still a child and the marriage was dissolved.

At the age of 12 years she was made a ward of Edmund and Jasper Tudor. Edmund subsequently married her and when he died she was 13 years old and pregnant.

Her brother-in-law Jasper Tudor took her in and after the birth of her son, Henry Tudor, she married Henry Stafford. In 1471 Stafford died after being injured at the Battle of Barnet. Margaret then married Henry Stanley.

This marriage meant she was often at court and she befriended Elizabeth Woodville. When Richard III was King the two women plotted to put Margaret’s son on the throne and it was agreed that he would marry Elizabeth’s eldest daughter, Elizabeth of York.

When Henry became King she had rooms at court and often advised her son.


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