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King Malcolm Canmore Family Tree


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Short Biography

King Malcolm III, known as Malcolm Canmore was born on 26th March 1031 to King Duncan I and and Sybilla of Northumbria. His father was killed in battle in 1040 and the throne was taken by Macbeth. In 1057 Malcolm killed Macbeth  and succeeded as King Malcolm III.

Malcolm married Ingibiorg, daughter of Thorfinn, Jarl of Orkney securing the support of the North. They had one son, Duncan. Ingibiorg’s brothers fought at the Battle of Stamford Bridge with Harald Hardrada in 1066. 

After the Norman invasion, Malcolm gave refuge to Saxons fleeing the invader and after the death of Ingibiorg, Malcolm married Margaret, daughter of Edward the Exile, sister of Edgar Aetheling, claimant to the English throne. They had ten children. 

In 1070, King Malcolm III invaded Northumbria and took Cumbria. In 1072 he accepted the overlordship of William the Conqueror but continued to make subsequent raids into England.

In 1092 King William II took a force north and defeated Malcolm at the Battle of Abernathy. Malcolm’s son Duncan and Queen Margaret’s brother Edgar Aetheling were taken to England as hostages. The following year Malcolm invaded England but was killed on 13th November at the Battle of Alnwick. 



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