Ecgwynn Family Tree & Biography (d.c 901)


Ecgwynn was a member of the House of Wessex by marriage. She was the first wife of King Edward the Elder and the mother of King Aethelstan. 


Ecgwynn Family Tree Image showing:

husband, children and grandchildren

Ecgwynn Family Tree


Ecgwynn Family Tree in Table Form showing:

husband, children and grandchildren



Not known


Not known


Not known


King Edward the Elder – (874 – 924)


King Aethelstan – (895 – 939)

Edith / Eadgyth – (d. c930)
Contemporary sources do not name the daughter of Aethelstan and Ecgwynn, but later sources refer to her as Edith or Eadgyth.


by Edith

Aimlab Cuaran – (927 – 981)

Harald Sigtryggsson – (d. 940)

Gofraid MacSitric – (d. 951)


Ecgwynn of Mercia Short Biography

Ecgwynn of of Mercia Family Tree

Very little is known of Ecgwynn. Her parentage is not known nor is her date of birth. She bore Edward two children – a son, Aethelstan who became King in 924 and a daughter. The name of Ecgwynn and Edward’s daughter was not recorded by contemporary sources but she was later referred to as either Edith or Eadgyth. 

Edward married his second wife, Aelfflaed in 901 and Ecgwynn disappears from the records so it is likely that Ecgwynn had died by this point. However, some historians believe that the union was dissolved and Ecgwynn sent to a convent. 


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