Ealdgyth Family Tree (b. c922) (wife of Edmund Ironside)


Ealdgyth Family Tree


 Ealdgyth Family Tree showing:


Short Biography

Ealdgyth was born around 922 to unknown parents. She was firstly the wife of Sigeferth of East Anglia and secondly the wife of Edmund Ironside who married her against the wishes of his father, Aethelred the Unready.  They had two children Edward and Edmund.

On 23rd April 1016 Edmund became King following the death of his father. At the time England was embroiled in conflict with Canute, son of Sweyn Forkbeard. Following Saxon defeat at the Battle of Assandun, England was divided, with Edmund ruling Wessex and Canute ruling the north.

Edmund died on 30th November 1016 and Canute took control of the whole country. It is known that their two children, Edmund and Edward were taken into exile. At this point Ealdgyth disappears from the records so it is unclear whether she went into exile with her children or remained in England. Her date and place of death is unknown.


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