Ecgwynn of Mercia Family Tree (d.c 901)


Ecgwynn of of Mercia Family Tree

 Ecgwynn of Mercia Family Tree showing:


Short Biography

Very little is known of Ecgwynn of Mercia. She was the first consort of Alfred the Great’s eldest son, Edward and mother of their two children, Aethelstan and Edith.

Edward married his second wife, Aelfflaed in 901 so it is likely that Ecgwynn had died by this point. Some historians believe that the union was dissolved and Ecgwynn sent to a convent. When Edward married Aelflaed, Aethelstan was sent to Mercia to be raised by Edward’s sister Aethelflaed. Her daughter, Edith is believed to have entered a nunnery.


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