Frances Shand Kydd 1936 – 2004

  Frances Ruth Roche was born on 20th January 1936 to Maurice Roche, Baron Fermoy and his wife, Ruth. She married Edward John Spencer in 1954 and they had 5 children – Sarah, Jane, John who died shortly after birth, Diana and Charles. They divorced in 1969 and she married Peter Shand Kydd in the … Read more

Sybilla of Normandy 1092 – 1122

Sybilla was born in 1092 and died on 13th July 1122. She was an illegitimate daughter of King Henry I of England. Around 1107 she married King Alexander I of Scotland. They did not have children. Family tree for Sybilla, wife of King Alexander I of Scotland showing: parents partner Henry I of England c1068 … Read more

Edyth Swanneck c 1025 – d. c1086

Edyth was the first wife of Harold Godwinson. The date of her birth is thought to be around 1025 and it is thought that she died around 1086. Harold married a second time after he became king but maintained his relationship with Edyth. Edyth identified Harold’s body after the battle of Hastings.  Family tree for … Read more