Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland 1489 – 1541

Margaret was born 28th November 1489 and died 18th October 1541. She was the daughter of King Henry VII and Elizabeth of York. In 1503 she married King James IV of Scotland. After her husband was killed at the Battle of Flodden Field, she acted as regent for her son, King James V until she … Read more

Marjorey de Washington fl 1185

Marjorey was the daughter of Margaret of Huntingdon and William FitzPartick Hertburn. Her dates of birth and death are not known. She married firstly David de Lindsay and secondly Sir Malcolm FitzWaldeve. It is not known if she had children with either husband.   Family tree for Marjorey showing: parents siblings partner William FitzPatrick Hertburn 1138 … Read more

Matilda de Bohun d c1184

Matilda was  was the daughter of Humphrey III de Bohun and Margaret of Huntingdon  Her date of birth is not known but she is believed to have died around 1184. There are no other details about her life.   Family tree for Matilda showing: parents siblings Margaret of Huntingdon 1145 – 1201Humphrey III de Bohun 1144 … Read more

Morcar of Northumbria d. c 1070

Morcar was the son of Aelfgar of Mercia and his wife Aelfgifu. He became Earl of Northumbria after Tostig Godwinson was exiled. Morcar and his brother Edwin were defeated by Harald Hardrada and Tostig Godwinson at the Battle of Fulford. They did not take part in the Battle of Hastings. After William of Normandy took … Read more

Michael Francis Middleton b. 1949

Michael Francis Middleton was born in 1949. He is the son of Captain Peter Francis Middleton and Valerie Glassborow. His father was an RAF pilot during World War Two. Middleton worked as a flight dispatcher for British Airways. He married Carole Elizabeth Goldsmith in 1980 and together they set up a mail order company, Party … Read more

Matilda of Saxony 1156 – 1189

Matilda was born 6th January 1156 and died 28th June 1189. She was the daughter of King Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine. She married Henry the Lion of Saxony.  Family tree for Matilda, daughter of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine showing: parents siblings  partner  children  Henry II of England 1133 – … Read more