Aethelflaed of Damerham c920 – c975

Family tree for Aethelflaed of Damerham, second wife of King Edmund I showing: parents partners Aelfgar of Essex dates unknownMother not known 1. King Edmund I 921 – 946AETHELFLAED OF DAMERHAM c920 – c9752. Aethelstan details unknown Short Biography Aethelflaed was born around 920 and died around 975, the daughter of Ealdorman Aelfgar of Essex. … Read more

Amabel de Romilly d c1200

Amabel was the daughter of William FitzDuncan and Alice de Rumilly. Her date of birth is not known but she is believed to have died around 1200. She married Reginald de Lucy. There are no records of any children. Family tree for Amabel daughter of William FitzDuncan showing: parents siblings partners  William FitzDuncan d. 1147Alice … Read more

Anne, Princess Royal b. 1950

Princess Anne Elizabeth Alice Louise was born on 15th August 1950 to Princess Elizabeth and Philip Mountbatten. She married Captain Mark Philips on 14th November 1973 and they had two children, Peter and Zara. The marriage broke down and they divorced in 1992. Shortly after her divorce in December 1992 Anne married Commander Timothy Laurence … Read more

Adeliza of Normandy c1030 – 1090

Adeliza of Normandy was born around 1030 and died in 1090. She was the daughter of Robert of Normandy and Herleva of Falaise. Her brother was William of Normandy who invaded England in 1066 and became King William I.    Family tree for Adeliza, daughter of Robert showing: parents sibling partner children  Robert of Normandy 1000 … Read more