Sweyn Godwinson Family Tree (1020-1052)

Sweyn Godwinson Family Tree


Sweyn Godwinson Family Tree showing:


Short Biography

Sweyn Godwinson was born around 1020, the eldest son of Earl Godwin of Wessex and Gytha Thorkelsdottir.  Around 1043, Sweyn was created Earl of Herefordshire but after he abducted the abbess of Leominster he was exiled and some of his property was given to his cousin, Beorn Estrithson. It is believed that his son, Hakon was born while he was exiled.

Sweyn returned to England in 1049 but was unable to secure the return of his land and so murdered his cousin. He was exiled again and fled to Flanders where he persuaded Ealdred, Bishop of Worcester to secure his pardon.

In 1051, the Godwin family fell out with King Edward the Confessor and were exiled. Sweyn’s son, Hakon was taken by Edward as hostage. Sweyn decided to go on crusade to Jerusalem but died on the return journey. 


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