Aelfwynn of Mercia 888 – c950

Aelfwynn of Mercia likeness unknownAelfwynn was born around 888. The date of her death is not known for certain, but a religious woman named Aelfwynn received a gift of land from King Eadred in 948 so her death was after this date. In 950 she would have been 62 years old, a good age for the time. 

Aelfwynn was the only daughter of Aethelflaed, Lady of the Mercians and her husband Aethelred, Earldorman of Mercia. After her mother’s death Aelfwynn assumed the title Lady of the Mercians but after a few months it was taken by her uncle, King Edward the Elder who probably sent her to a nunnery. 

Family tree for Aelfwynn of Mercia daughter of Aethelflaed Lady of the Mercians showing:


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